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New CONNECT Area Added

CONNECT is about making meaningful connections with other Smart Gardener members, with our friends, and with others in the world interested in growing organic food, learning more or staying current with food issues. Here’s the first features we’ve added to this new area…

Connect with other members means being able to share, view, filter and save Signature Gardens. Signature Gardens are gardens made public and shareable by any member of Smart Gardener. A Signature Garden includes all its plants, the layout, plan, and Journal for that Garden. Any other Smart Gardener member can view it, copy or save all pieces of the Garden to use.

Connect with friends includes being able to share one of your Signature Gardens with your friends on Facebook using the Smart Gardener Facebook App. The App includes your plant list, along with a link back to Smart Gardener to display your entire Garden plan on a publicly viewable page.

Connect with friends also includes being able to invite friends to join you on, even inviting friends directly from Facebook.

Connect with the world through our Smart News Wire, and get an up to the minute collection of what all the most influential social media sources are saying about Organic Gardening and Food Policy.


Now… a bigger garden area up to 150′ x 150′

Many of you needed much bigger layout areas for your larger vegetable gardens. So now you can layout your garden within a 150′ x 150′ space! And there’s more… you can now zoom in and out, making it so much easier to see your whole garden or just a part of it.

Screenshot of some of the new containers and planters

More container and planters

We’ve added many new round, square, and rectangular planters in standard sizes to choose from for your garden.


Screenshot of some of the new containers and planters

Add a New Variety

Add your own varieties

1. Select “Browse” under the PLAN menu.

2. In the Browse panel, you will see a new link underneath the Variety list. Browse to find the variety you think is the closest in type to the new variety you want to create.

3. Select the Variety “Beefsteak” (our example) . Then click on the blue “click here” link as seen in the closeup above. A new version of the Variety “card” will appear below the original one. Just rename the Variety and edit (or not) any of the information in that card. You can change the image and the description. Most importantly, making sure the days to maturity and plant height are as accurate as possible for your new Variety will help Smart Gardener give you the correct To Dos. Your avatar will also appear alongside the Variety you created.

4. Save it when you are done. Your new Variety will now appear anywhere you select plants.  It will then be Smart Gardener’s goal to find a vendor and the most accurate data for that variety.