Introducing Smart Add Ons

Smart Add Ons* are optional extensions to your Smart Gardener account for a small fee. They enhance your garden by adding new functionality, content and the ability to personalize what you are growing and how you want to grow it. These are our first Smart Add Ons, and we welcome your feedback. Registered users who send us feedback will get a coupon code for a free Smart Add On in the future when we launch more!

Bundle: Shade, Shapes and Succession
Smart Gardener offers an exclusive Smart Add On for Smart Gardeners who asked us for a couple features that would really help them manage their gardens better – being able to add in shaded areas, to lay out paths, structures, or trees that are also part of their garden area and to be reminded via their To Dos to interval sow certain edibles for a continuous harvest.  $5.99 (One time fee)


Smart Shapes
Smart Gardener offers an exclusive Smart Add On for Smart Gardeners who want to include other items in your gardens, in addition to your planting areas. Lots of you wanted to be able to show where fences, trees, pathways and buildings were on your layout. $2.99 (One time fee)



Smart Shade
Smart Gardener offers an exclusive Smart Add On for Smart Gardeners who wanted to be able to designate the shaded areas in their vegetable gardens. Smart Gardener will know to recommend and place your shade tolerate plants in those areas. $3.99 (One time fee)



Succession Planting
This Add On converts your households total quantity of plants for a variety into small batches that you sow or plant over time. Several smaller plantings are made at timed intervals, rather than all at once. The plants mature at staggered dates, establishing a continuous harvest over an extended period. $1.99 (One time fee)


* More about Smart Add Ons…
We will be adding more of these over time, Smart Add Ons for square foot and vertical gardening, culinary herbs, fruit trees, recipes and lots more. You’ll find all this in a new section we are calling GOODS. GOODS will eventually include a Community Marketplace for sharing and trading your harvest locally. Local goods and services will also be offered, along with great products we hand select and offer from our online partners.